Salon Professionals Find Beauty in Going Back To School Online

Article published at: Aug 9, 2023 Article author: Eme Ray Article tag: Eme Ray
Salon Professionals Find Beauty in Going Back To School Online
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Independent Salon Professionals Find the Beauty in Big Dreams

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Career management 

Salon professionals find their passion

Being a salon professional goes beyond simply providing beauty services to clients. It requires a high level of ability, expertise, and professionalism to meet the expectations of clients and build a successful career in the beauty industry.

Variety is key

First and foremost, a salon pro must possess the technical know how necessary to perform a wide range of beauty treatments . This includes knowledge of hair, skin, and nail care, as well as the ability to use tools and products effectively. A good professionals also stays up-to-date with the latest trends and attending training sessions and workshops to continually improve their craft and technical skills.

Relationship capital

In addition to technical specifics, a salon professional must have excellent communication. Building strong relationships with clients is essential for success in the beauty world, and this requires the ability to listen to clients' needs and concerns, and give guidance and advice when necessary. A professional should also be able to communicate friendly and effectively with their colleagues, working as a team to create a positive and supportive work environment.

Professional stance

Professionalism is another key aspect of being a salon professional. This includes maintaining a clean and organized workspace, adhering to strict hygiene standards, and following ethical and legal guidelines. A good professional should also have a strong work ethic, being reliable, punctual, and committed to the greatest treatment to their clients.

...but love on those clients!

Finally, a successful salon professional must have a love and passion for their work. This means approaching each client with enthusiasm and dedication, and taking pride in their ability to enhance their clients' natural beauty. It also means being open to gaining information  and growing, and embracing new challenges and opportunities to expand their know how. Being a professional is a multifaceted role that requires a combination of technical abilities, professionalism, and passion. By embodying these qualities, a salon professional can build a successful career in the beauty world and give their clients with exceptional treatment and care.

The Perfect Premier Services

Add hair extensions to your salon services

stylist installing a row of tape hair extensions on a client

Being certified in extensions as a hairstylist is important for several reasons. Here are a few key reasons why certification in extensions is essential for hairstylists:

  1. Professionalism: Having certification in extensions demonstrates to clients that you are a professional and take your craft seriously. Certification shows that you have received specialized training and have the skills needed to apply extensions correctly.

  2. Safety: Extensions can cause damage to the strands and scalp if not applied correctly. Certification in extensions ensures that you have gained information on how to properly apply extensions and minimize the risk of damage to your clients’ hair and scalp.

  3. Quality of Service: As a certified hairstylist in extensions, you can give high-quality treatments that meet or exceed your clients’ expectations. You can create customized looks for your clients based on their individual types and style preferences.

  4. Increased Earnings: Certification in extensions can help you increase your earnings as a hairstylist. By giving extensions as an option, you can attract new clients and retain existing ones who are willing to pay more for this specialized service.

  5. Competitive Advantage: Certification in extensions gives you a competitive advantage in the market. You can differentiate yourself from other hairstylists who do not offer extensions as a option, and position yourself as a specialist in this area.

In conclusion, certification in extensions is essential for hairstylists who want to give high-quality options, build a professional reputation, and increase their earnings. By completing a certification program, you can ensure that you have the skills and know how needed to install safe and effective extensions installations to your clients, and stay competitive in the beauty world.

Different types of extensions and their installation techniques

Here are some brief descriptions of the most popular types of extensions:

  1. Tape-In Extensions: These extensions involve attaching pre-taped wefts to the client’s natural hair using a special tape adhesive. They are quick to install, easy to maintain, and are generally more affordable than other types of extensions.

  2. Clip-In Extensions: These are temporary extensions that can be clipped onto the client’s natural strands to add length, volume, or highlights. They are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for clients who want to change their look frequently.

  3. Hand-tied Extensions: This technique involves creating rows with beads and then sewing wefts onto the rows. Sew-in extensions are popular among clients with coarser strands, and they can last up to two months with proper maintenance.

  4. Flex-tip Extensions: This technique involves attaching individual strands to the client’s natural strands using small metal beads. The beads are clamped shut to hold the extensions in place, and the extensions can last up to three months with proper maintenance.

You should have understanding of each type of extension to ensure they can be the greatest possible option to your clients. Different clients have different types, styles, and preferences, and a stylist should want to help to recommend the most appropriate extension type and installations based on the client’s needs. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of extension can also help you ensure the extensions are properly applied and maintained, and minimize the risk of damage to the client’s natural strands.

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As a stylist, taking online extensions courses for multiple types of extension installation has several benefits:

  1. Professional Development: Learning new techniques can help you develop your skills and increase your experience as a hairdresser and keep up with the latest trends. This can make you more marketable to potential clients, and help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.

  2. Versatility: By learning multiple types of extension installation, you can give a wider range of options to your clients. This can help you attract new clients, and give your existing clients with more options for achieving their desired look.

  3. Increased Earnings: Offering a wider range of services can also help you increase your earnings as a hairdresser. You can charge more for specialized treatments, such as advanced extension abilities, and potentially attract more clients who are willing to pay a premium for these options.

  4. Flexibility: Online courses gives the flexibility to gain know-how at your own pace, on your own schedule. This means that you can fit your education around your existing work and personal commitments, and complete the courses on your own timeline.

  5. Access to Expertise: Online classes can provide you with access to industry experts who may not be available in your local area. This can fill you with insights and knowledge that you may not have been exposed to otherwise.

brunette female hair stylist in salon with sheers

In conclusion, taking online extensions courses for multiple types of extension installation can provide you with professional development, increased versatility, and higher earnings potential. It can also extend flexibility and access to industry expertise, making it a smart investment for hairdressers looking to grow their careers and stay competitive in the industry.

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