Doctored Locks: Product Warranty

At Doctored Locks, we are committed to providing high-quality hair extensions and ensuring your satisfaction. Please take a moment to review our product warranty guidelines:

1. Use Approved Hair Care Range: To achieve the most favorable results, we recommend using only products from the Amika Kure line on our hair extensions. Using other products may void your warranty.

2. Avoid Specific Ingredients: Refrain from using shampoos and conditioners containing Protein, Sulphate, Keratin, or high alcohol content, as they can affect the longevity of your extensions.

3. Use Doctored Locks Installation Supplies: To maximize the desired outcomes, apply our extensions using the advised Doctored Locks installation supplies.

4. Follow Our Care Guide: To ensure the best results, follow our Doctored Locks Maintenance and Care Guide when caring for your extensions.

5. Pre-Application Inspection: Thoroughly inspect the hair before removing it from the packaging and applying it to the wearer. We do not accept returns after the hair has been applied, except in cases of manufacturer's faults.

6. Proper Application is Crucial: Our product warranty does not cover application or treatment of any Doctored Locks products.

7. Color Batch Variations: Please be aware that occasional variations in color batches may occur, which are beyond our control.  Please return or exchange any products if the color is unsatisfactory.

8. Returns Policy: We do not accept returns after 30 days from purchase.

WHOLESALE:  If you are a Doctored Locks reseller, it is your responsibility to inform your clients about correct home hair care and our warranty terms and conditions. 

At Doctored Locks, we value your satisfaction and are here to support you in achieving the best possible results with our hair extensions. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.