Our crazy little beginnings and how it all started with just a dream.

Welcome to Doctored Locks, envisioned and nurtured by Eme Ray, a seasoned expert with over two decades of expertise in the hair extension arena. We are now comprised of several parts - salon, education and events, customer service, media, research and development, and supply warehouse. But in the beginning... it wasn't like that at all.

Our team leads

Eme aka "The Doc"

Master Educator

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Creative Director


Customer Service Lead

who we are

Eme's journey began with a profound realization: the transformative ability of hair extensions not just in aesthetics, but a sense of permission to create personal expression. When you look the part, you can play the part, you can BECOME the part.

This helped her to silence her inner critic, overcome extreme introversion and battle anxiety and depression.

The discovery that simply changing elements of your appearance and using that as a tool for empowerment, was nothing short of revelatory.

At the core of our mission is a singular belief: the act of altering one's hair is more than a change in style; it's a catalyst for personal transformation. Beginning with the reflection in the mirror, and extending deep into the psyche of our clients. Our process blends self-improvement with self-care, creating an impact that alters the trajectory of lives.

We're not just in the business of hair; we're in the business of personal reinvention.


who we help

Our primary focus is to help others who are on a similar mission.

Whether you are currently enrolled in hair school or are simply an avid hair enthusiast, our mission is to ignite your passion with imaginative and playful designs, while introducing you to the exciting world of being an extension artist, a specialty that can breathe new life and meaning into what it means to be a professional stylist.

As you grow in your artistry, we help you further in monetizing your skills. The journey we envision for you doesn't just stop at being proficient in your craft; it extends to mastering the art of leading a team of artists, mentoring and teaching others in this extremely important work.

Our aim is to help you create a career path that is not just financially rewarding but also to build a community, stay artistically vibrant, and continuously evolve while helping others be the best expression of themselves.


how we help

It is our mission is to help every hair artist to bring out the best in their clients.

We exist to play role in the journey of every aspiring hair professional by providing two essential tools: inspiring hair extension content and high-quality hair extension products. These critical pieces will become the foundation of your career.

Our commitment extends beyond just supplying materials; we also offer specially designed classes that focus on nurturing self-confidence, quieting the doubts of the inner critic, and elevating skills to new heights.

If you are a hair enthusiast who dreams of a fulfilling career shaped by your own rules and vision, we offer a well-defined path. This path is not just about mastering the art of hair styling, but also about your personal growth and professional development, empowering you to achieve your goals and flourish in your field.


Reinvent Your Reflection

At the heart of our mission to "Reinvent Your Reflection" lies our dedication to fostering self-confidence. We strive to show everyone that they possess the power to transform their self-perception by reshaping their reflections. This act is more than skin-deep; it's a profound journey towards self-empowerment and personal growth.

Our approach involves educating hair enthusiasts on their crucial role in this transformative process. By understanding and applying key principles stylists become adept at not just altering appearances, but also positively influencing mindsets and perceptions.

In essence, we are not just changing hair; we are playing with perceptions, both internally and externally, to guide individuals towards a path of self-realization and empowerment. Through this, our artists become more than just beauty experts; they evolve into catalysts for positive change, helping clients pivot their life trajectories by redefining how they see themselves in the mirror and, by extension, in the world.


Play with hair

In alignment with our mission our focus is to simply "Play with Hair."

Our content and products are designed to be user friendly, avoid intimidation and create a sense of wonder - almost like magic, as clients discover the vast array of styles now within their reach.

We take pride in expanding styling possibilities beyond nature, offering options for styles previously deemed as unattainable. We also ensure that mastering these new styles is not only simple, but also accessible and budget-friendly.


build a career

For our enthusiasts that have chosen to make this a career, we can help you grow both personally and professionally.

Enhancing your self-esteem and appearance is like putting your oxygen mask on first in an airplane. Your personal transformation is just as important (if not more) as creating your hair business.

Once you see what's possible for yourself, it becomes intensely exciting to share and help others do the same. This momentum can become a powerful tool for positive influence.

We help our artists by sharing our unique hair business "recipes" – a blend of inspiration, simple and effective techniques, and high quality products. Each "recipe" plants the seeds of what can flourish into a thriving, successful hair career.

By showing the simple steps, we aim to empower you with the confidence to grow your passion into a full-fledged profession. This journey is not just about financial success but more about finding what lights you up and making a meaningful impact.