A glimpse behind the scenes of our bustling day to day operations!

Welcome to Doctored Locks, where creativity meets expertise! Take a peek behind the curtain to discover the inner workings of our dynamic hair extension supply company. From our cutting-edge classes to our innovative product development, explore the heart and soul of Doctored Locks.

learn all aspects of hair extensions from installation to care

Education Hub

Where Skills Meet Passion

Step into our vibrant classroom environment, where aspiring stylists and seasoned professionals alike come to hone their craft. With a diverse range of classes tailored to all skill levels, our expert instructors impart invaluable knowledge and techniques in the art of hair extensions.

Salon Sanctuary

Transforming Lives, One Strand at a Time

Our stylists have developed our eclectic but state-of-the-art salon. The magic of our skilled stylists work is second to none, delivering flawless results and newfound confidence to our cherished clientele.

seamless hair extensions

Innovative Product Development

Pioneering the Future of Hair Extensions

The heart of our creative process, where innovation thrives and new ideas take shape. With over two decades of industry experience, our dedicated team, led by our genius in house hair wizard Eme Ray aka "the Doc," continuously pushes the boundaries of hair extension technology, crafting revolutionary products that set the standard for excellence.

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Warehouse Wonders

The Engine of Efficiency

The bustling hub of our operations, where precision meets productivity. In our meticulously organized warehouse, every product finds its place before embarking on its journey to salons and stylists across the globe.

our warehouse is full and ready to ship to you
shipping out packages with care

Shipping Solutions

Delivering Excellence with Every Order

The seamless orchestration of our shipping process is where speed and accuracy reign supreme. From packaging to dispatch, our dedicated team ensures that every order reaches its destination promptly and securely.

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Customer Care

Your Partner in Success

Experience the unparalleled level of support that defines our customer service philosophy. With a wealth of resources at your fingertips, including installation guides and educational materials, we empower stylists and educators to excel in their craft.

a customer care member is here to help you with all things extensions

At Doctored Locks, our passion for excellence drives everything we do.

Discover the magic that makes us more than just a hair extension supply company—we're a community dedicated to transforming lives, one strand at a time.