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For the Stylist Who Cherishes Precision, Craftsmanship, and Influence

Hello, Artistic Innovator! We recognize you're much more than just a stylist; you're an architect of dreams, a catalyst for change, a sculptor of beauty. You excel in sculpting not just external allure but also in nurturing inner confidence. This is the inspiration behind our Doctored Locks Sew-In Hair Extension Installation Supplies, meticulously crafted for your artistic endeavors.

Exceptional Quality for the Detail-Oriented Professional

Our installation supplies transcend ordinary tools; they symbolize a commitment to superiority. Each thread, needle, adhesive, clip, and scissor is selected for its durability and precision, ensuring every sew-in installation is flawless from start to finish. Experience the satisfaction of working with tools that are as enduring as they are effective.

Delicate Process, Profound Outcomes

We understand the intricacy of sew-in techniques. That's why our supplies are designed to facilitate a gentle yet effective process, preserving the integrity of both the extensions and the natural hair. With these tools, you'll deliver results that aren’t just visually stunning but also kind to the hair.

Reliable Tools for Every Step

Our comprehensive range of supplies provides reliability at every step of the installation. From secure weft attachment to precise cutting and styling, our tools ensure a seamless and worry-free process for both stylist and client.

Elevate Styles, Transform Lives

With these supplies in hand, you're equipped to do more than change hairstyles; you're set to transform lives. Each sew-in set you craft can be a stepping stone for your clients to see themselves in a new, empowered light. This transformation extends beyond the salon, as each client carries with them a renewed sense of confidence and joy.


Discover the Magic of Sew-In Hair Extensions

Transformative, Timeless, and Totally You: Craft an Unforgettable Look!

Perfect for Experienced Stylists and DIY Enthusiasts

Sew-in hair extensions represent a classic and widely embraced method in the world of hair enhancements. These extensions are carefully attached by sewing them onto small, tightly woven braids or onto beaded rows of the client's natural hair.

Renowned for their longevity and adaptability, sew-in extensions are a fantastic solution for those desiring a more lasting hairstyle change. The installation process can vary in duration, typically spanning a few hours to achieve the desired fullness and length.

Artistic and Tailored Installation

Your client’s hair is beaded or braided into rows called "tracks." The design and angle of the tracks is determined by what best suits their desired style. The wefts of hair are then sewn onto these rows with precision and care, ensuring a seamless blend with the natural hair. This technique provides a secure, comfortable, and extremely natural appearance.

This method is not only favorable for professional salon appointments but has also been a traditional option for those adept in personal hair care and styling, looking to achieve a salon-quality look at home.

Safe Removal, Preserving Hair Health

Removing sew-in extensions is a gentle and straightforward process, preserving the health of the natural hair. The threads are delicately snipped and unraveled, allowing the wefts to be detached without the use of harsh chemicals or potentially damaging instruments.

This efficient removal process is considerate of both the stylist’s time and the well-being of the client’s hair. Additionally, the wefts can be kept for future use, providing an economical and eco-friendly approach to hair styling.


A solid investment with long-lasting results, sew-in hair extensions create volumizing thickness instantly.



Create a secure double locked beaded row with our premium enameled beads.



Sew two to four layers of hand tied hair extensions to the base row.



Return stitch away from the outer edge and then tie the threads securely.

watch the steps now

See how a sewn-in hand tied hair extension installation can creates instant thickness and volume.

Why Choose Us

Salon-Grade Excellence in Supplies: With over two decades of experience in the hair extension industry, we place immense emphasis on the precision and quality of our sew-in installation supplies. Our threads, needles, weft cutting adhesive, clips, and scissors are crafted to meet the highest standards of salon quality.

Customization at Your Fingertips: We understand that every stylist has their unique approach and every client their specific needs. That's why our range of installation supplies is designed to cater to a wide variety of preferences and techniques. This versatility is key for stylists passionate about delivering personalized and precise services.

Unmatched Customer Support: Our dedication to superior customer service ensures that you, as a stylist, have a reliable and supportive partner throughout your hair styling journey. We value and support your craft at every step, ensuring you feel both appreciated and equipped for success.

Tools for Transformation: Sew-in hair extensions are more than just a means to add length and volume; they are instruments for transformative beauty. Our installation supplies are integral to this process, allowing stylists to create impactful and lasting changes in their clients' appearances and, consequently, their self-perception.

Comprehensive Range of Tools: Our selection includes everything you need for seamless installations:

  • Durable, specialized threads tailored for securing wefts
  • A variety of needles designed for precision and ease of use
  • Advanced weft cutting adhesives for clean, non-fray edges
  • High-quality clips for efficient sectioning and control
  • Professional scissors for precise weft and thread cuts and customizations

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Why We Adore Sew-In Hair Extension Methods: A Stylist’s Dream

As dedicated professionals in the hair industry, we hold a special fondness for sew-in hair extension methods. Here’s why this technique resonates so strongly with us, and why we believe it's an ideal choice for stylists who share our passion for excellence in hair care and styling.

  1. Natural Integration and Versatility: Sew-in extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair, offering a level of versatility that's hard to match. They work wonderfully with a wide range of hair textures and styles, allowing you as a stylist to unleash your creativity and customize looks that align perfectly with each client's individual aesthetic.
  2. Long-Lasting and Durable: What sets sew-ins apart is their durability. When installed correctly, these extensions can last for several weeks, providing clients with a long-term solution to their hair styling needs. This longevity makes them a practical and appealing choice for clients who seek a semi-permanent transformation.
  3. Health-Conscious Styling: Unlike some methods that involve heat or adhesives, sew-ins are gentle on the natural hair and scalp. This method involves beading or braiding the natural hair and then sewing the weft onto the rows, reducing the risk of heat damage or chemical-related hair stress. It's an ideal option for clients who are cautious about maintaining the integrity of their natural hair.
  4. Fuller, More Voluminous Looks: For clients seeking to add significant volume and length, sew-ins are a dream come true. They allow for great coverage and blending of the natural hair and can create dramatic, voluminous styles that are both striking and natural-looking.
  5. Professional Skill Showcase: Sew-in installations require a skilled hand, and as such, they're a fantastic way for stylists to showcase their expertise and attention to detail. The process of sewing in extensions is intricate and artistic, offering an opportunity for stylists to demonstrate their proficiency and passion for hair artistry.
  6. Client Satisfaction and Loyalty: Given the beautiful, natural-looking results and the health-conscious approach of sew-ins, clients are highly satisfied with the outcome. This satisfaction builds trust and loyalty, leading to lasting relationships between stylists and clients.

In essence, sew-in hair extension methods align perfectly with our ethos of providing exceptional, health-conscious hair solutions that not only enhance beauty but also nurture the natural hair. For stylists who share these values, sew-ins are an invaluable tool in creating transformations that are as healthy and sustainable as they are beautiful.

There are two different kinds of sew-in methods, each with its unique approach and benefits: The Beaded Row and Braided Row. Let's delve into these methods to understand how they cater to diverse styling needs.

Beaded Row Hair Extensions

1. Methodology:

The Beaded Row method involves securing small beads along a horizontal section of the client’s natural hair. These beads form a base to which wefts of hair extensions are then sewn in. This method eliminates the need for tight braids, making it a more comfortable (and adjustable) option for clients.

2. Benefits:

  • Less Tension on the Scalp: Since this method doesn't rely on tight braids, it's often more comfortable and puts less strain on the natural hair and scalp.
  • Adjustability: The beads allow for easy adjustment of the extensions, offering flexibility in maintaining the hairstyle over time.
  • Quick Installation and Removal: Compared to traditional braided sew-ins, the beaded method can be faster to install and remove, saving time for both the stylist and the client.

3. Ideal For:

  • Clients seeking a less invasive and more scalp-friendly option.
  • Those who prefer quicker installation and adjustment processes.

Braided Row Hair Extensions

1. Methodology: This traditional method involves creating cornrow braids along the scalp, running horizontally. The hair wefts are then sewn directly onto these braids. This technique has been a staple in the hair extension world for years, known for its durability and secure attachment.

2. Benefits:

  • Durability: The braided foundation offers a very secure base, making these extensions long-lasting and able to withstand various activities.
  • Full Coverage: Ideal for clients seeking a dramatic change in volume and length, as it allows for more of the natural hair to be hidden and the addition of multiple layers of hair wefts.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally, this method can be more economical as it requires less specialized hardware (beads, etc.) and focuses more on the skills of braiding and sewing.

3. Ideal For:

  • Clients looking for a long-lasting, voluminous hair transformation.
  • Those clients who would like more of their natural hair hidden in a protective style.

Choosing the Right Method

The choice between Beaded and Braided Row hair extensions often depends on the client's hair type, scalp sensitivity, lifestyle, and desired outcome. As a stylist, it's crucial to assess these factors and advise your client on the most suitable method for their individual needs. Both methods, when executed well, can create stunning, natural-looking results that enhance the client's overall appearance and confidence.