Hair Extension Services

Hair extension services for weddings and prom.

Weddings and Prom

Styling for events, utilizing the power of extensions to complete your perfect look.

Thicker longer hair instantly with hair extensions.

Length and Volumizing

Creating length and volume for every day wear, our services are custom tailored to every client.

Hair extension services for thinning hair.

Thin and Fine Hair Services

New mom hair loss? Illness recover? We will have you feeling like your old self again! Invisible thickening with nano hair extensions, safe, gentle and effective.

Hair extension services that cover alopecia or trich.

Trich and Alopecia Services

We understand how stressful these conditions can be. Specializing in complex solutions, we have a variety of tools and methods to help you feel your best.


Hair extension appointments with all the bells and whistles.

You will be immersed in total care and pampering at your appointment.  We aim to please our hair besties!

All hair extension pricing includes:

  • Luxury hair extensions
  • Installation service
  • Custom blending
  • Styling service and education
  • Home care instructions
  • Full size shampoo
  • Full size conditioner
  • Brush
  • Removal service
Hair Extension Services

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Our top notch hair extension stylists will custom tailor and fit your hair extensions and create a cozy experience just for you!

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Service Pricing

Our hair extension service prices are all-inclusive. If you need partial services, please inquire when you apply.

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