Tape In Hair Extensions

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18 Inch Bohyme Essentials Tape-Ins 28g | 100% Remy Human Hair-Doctored Locks
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22 Inch Bohyme Essentials Tape-Ins 28g | 100% Remy Human Hair-Doctored Locks
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26 Inch Bohyme Essentials Tape-Ins 28g | 100% Remy Human Hair-Doctored Locks

Tape In Removers and Replacement Tape

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Bohyme Classic Tape Hair Extension Remover-Doctored Locks

Doctored Locks Tape In Hair Extensions

Remy human hair luxury tape in hair extensions for hair artists.

For the Stylist Who Values Quality, Connection, and Impact

Hello, Creative Genius! We know you're not just a stylist; you're a day-maker, a life-changer, a dream weaver. You’re all about creating beauty, not just on the outside, but deep within. That's why our Doctored Locks Tape-In Hair Extensions are crafted with you in mind.

Unmatched Quality for Your Discerning Eye

Our extensions are more than just strands of hair; they're a promise of excellence. Made from the finest Remy human hair, each piece is carefully selected to ensure intact cuticles and consistent thickness right to the ends. You'll love how they stay luxuriously soft and last incredibly long, allowing for multiple reuses.

Gentle Process, Dynamic Results

Each extension undergoes a gentle processing method, ensuring the color and texture are perfect every time, without compromising the hair’s integrity. Your clients will feel the difference of hair that's not just beautiful but resilient and reliable.

Ultra-Hold Tape Tabs: Confidence in Every Move

Our ultra-hold tape tabs are designed to last the entire installation period, providing a secure, worry-free experience. Your clients can live their lives fully, knowing their hair is flawlessly in place.

Reinvent Reflections, Ignite Spirits

You have the power to transform not just hairstyles, but lives. With every reflection in the mirror, your clients will see a new version of themselves, one that’s empowered and vibrant. It's this energetic shift that radiates positivity, touching lives beyond the salon chair.


What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

Simple, Swift, Stunning: Transform Your Style in Just 30 Minutes!

Perfect for Professionals and First-Time Users

Tape extensions are a semi-permanent type of hair extensions. These extensions are made of pre-taped strips of hair, secured with a medical-grade adhesive.

Tape in hair extensions are the preferred choice for many, as they do not require any special tools or heat to apply. Even better, a full coverage application is as short as one hour.

Quick and Easy Installation

You simply sandwich a thin slice of your client’s natural hair between one tape extension and a single-sided hairless tab (ideal for thinner hair) or a second tape extension. This method guarantees a natural, comfortable fit.

This makes them ideal not only for your clients but also for self-installation. Yes, hair artist, you can absolutely extend your own hair with ease!

Effortless Removal, Absolute Integrity

Say goodbye to messy oils and unwanted residue. When it's time to move on, our No-Trace removers work their magic, letting the natural hair breathe free, damage-free.

This quick and easy process respects your time and your client’s natural hair. Once removed, the extensions can be re-fitted with our double-sided tabs, ready for their next use.


The easiest method to learn. Goes in quickly to dramatically update any style. Long-lasting results.



Carve a thin slice of hair and remove the backing from the extension.



Position the tab sticky-side up underneath the slice of hair.



Using a second extension sticky-side down, press together to secure.

watch the steps now

See just how easy a tape-in hair extension installation can be!

Why Choose Us

Salon Quality: With over two decades of hair extension development, we prioritize detailed precision in the creation of our extensions and installation supplies.

Customized for Each Client: Our color and texture range caters to a wide array of client preferences. This versatility is perfect for stylists who are passionate about providing personalized services to each client.

Exceptional Customer Service: Our commitment to service excellence ensures you have a dependable partner in your craft and feel supported and valued at each phase of your hair career.

The Power of Reinvention: Hair extensions are not just about adding length and volume; they're about transforming reflections and creating a positive ripple effect in clients’ lives. For stylists invested in the transformative power of their work, hair extensions are an ideal tool.

Color options: 1b, balayage, ash blondes, warm blondes, platinum, chocolate, caramels, and gingers

Length options: packs 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch and longer!

Stylist Essentials & Hair Care



Simple & Quick Application: Our tape-in extensions are fast and easy to apply, perfectly fitting into your busy schedule for quick client transformations.

Gentle on Hair: Prioritizing hair health, our extensions minimize damage, maintaining the integrity of your clients' hair.

Natural Look: Seamlessly blend with natural hair for an undetectable, stylish finish.

Styling Versatility: Offers creative freedom for various hairstyles, keeping extensions hidden.

Cost-Effective & Reusable: High-quality and reusable, these extensions offer long-term value for you and your clients.

Comfortable Wear: Designed for everyday comfort, ensuring your clients look and feel great.

Suitable for All Hair Types: Adaptable for thin to thick hair, meeting diverse client needs.

Customizable Options: Available in various lengths, colors, and volumes for personalized client services.

Not all tape-in extensions are equal. Ours stand out with superior quality:

Latex-Free: Ideal for clients with sensitivities, ensuring comfort and safety.

Ultra-Hold Tabs: Guarantee secure placement, no slipping, for flawless styles every time.

Premium Remy Hair: Highest grade, with aligned cuticles for a shiny, tangle-free, and durable finish. Full to the ends for a lush, voluminous look.

In contrast, other brands may use inferior tapes leading to slippage, or offer less full, lower quality hair. With our extensions, you're providing the best, ensuring each hair transformation is exceptional.


Remy human hair is valued for its directionally aligned cuticles that point from root to tip, ensuring softer, tangle free hair that lasts.

However, acquiring true 100% Remy human hair is challenging due to its meticulous collection process, which must be ponytail cut and preserve the hair's natural state and quality.

Complicating matters, there are unscrupulous sellers who mislabel their products as Remy hair to maximize their profit. This unethical practice makes it crucial to purchase from a trusted seller.

Choosing Remy hair from a reputable and reliable source guarantees you're providing your clients with the highest quality extensions - and this in turn gives you the easiest maintenance and upkeep. Happy clients = a career you love.

To determine if your extensions are high-grade Remy hair, look for these key indicators:

  1. Cuticle Alignment: High-grade Remy hair has cuticles aligned in the same direction, reducing tangles and maintaining a natural look and feel. Sliding your fingers up and down a few strands should produce a bit more friction in the upwards direction.
  2. Uniform Texture and Color: The hair should have a consistent texture and color throughout, indicative of careful selection and processing.
  3. Softness and Shine: Genuine Remy hair is notably soft to the touch and has a natural shine, reflecting its high quality.
  4. Minimal Breakage: High-grade Remy hair should have minimal breakage, a sign of strong and healthy hair strands.
  5. Reactivity to Styling: Quality Remy hair responds well to styling and heat tools, just like natural hair.
  6. The Burn Test: Lastly, remove a few strands from the bundle. Using a lighter, carefully burn the strands. Human hair has a distinctive sulfurous smell, whereas synthetic strands do not.

If you're ever in doubt, purchasing from a reputable and trusted supplier is key to ensuring you get authentic, high-grade Remy hair extensions.

When purchasing high-grade Remy hair extensions online, consider these tips to ensure quality:

  1. Reputable Seller: Doctored Locks has a long standing reputation for quality products.
  2. Detailed Product Descriptions: Look for thorough descriptions mentioning "Remy," "cuticle-aligned," and other quality indicators.
  3. Customer Reviews: Read customer feedback and look for comments about texture and durability.
  4. Clear Return Policy: A trustworthy seller will have a clear return policy, allowing you to return if the product doesn't meet quality standards. We offer a 30 day no hassle return policy to make sure you always love your products.
  5. Customer Support: We pride ourselves on excellent customer support from top tier stylists and our industry partners. We answer any question about hair quality and installation techniques - no matter how small!

Remember, high-grade Remy hair maintains its quality over time, so reviews from long-term users will be particularly insightful.

Our high-grade Remy tape hair extensions typically last for 12 months, or more with proper care and maintenance.

Their longevity depends on factors like styling practices, and the quality of care given to them. Regular gentle washing and avoiding excessive heat can significantly extend their lifespan.


When scouting for the perfect tape-in hair extensions online, here's your checklist:

  1. Remy, Please: Zero in on descriptions that highlight 'Remy' hair. Look at the images and make sure that the hair stays full to the ends.
  2. Source Matters: Keep an eye out for its treatment process. Natural and minimally processed is what you're after. Our tape in hair extensions are gently water processed over several days.
  3. Strong Hold Tape: Ensure the extensions boast high-quality tape – it's essential for that lasting grip. Our tapes feature "Ultra-hold" tabs.
  4. Variety is the Spice: A good selection of lengths and colors means you can perfectly match your client's hair without extra work at the appointment.
  5. Real Talk Reviews: Dive into customer feedback, especially those with photos, for the real scoop on how they look and perform.
  6. Got Your Back Policy: A solid return policy and responsive customer service are must-haves for peace of mind.
  7. Price Check: Remember, quality doesn't come dirt cheap. If the price seems too low, it might be a red flag for quality.

Always aim for a seller who offers clarity, detail, and great support – it's the secret sauce to a successful online purchase!

To ensure you get the perfect color match when buying our tape-in extensions online, here's a foolproof approach:

  1. Leverage Our Image Over Text Service: Snap a picture of your client's hair and send it to us. We'll respond with images of our closest matching extensions. This visual comparison gives peace of mind when selecting the right shade.
  2. Color Strand by Mail Service: If you prefer a hands-on approach, opt for our color strand by mail service. We'll send you images of your hair along side our closest matches, allowing you and your client to see the colors before making a decision.

These personalized services are designed to guarantee you always achieve the perfect blend for your clients every time!


If the color of the extensions you receive isn't quite right, no worries at all.

We offer a 30-day, no-hassle, no-questions-asked return policy.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so if you're not completely happy with the color match, simply return the extensions within this period for a full refund.

We're here to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of perfect!

For our tape-in hair extensions, the pricing is designed with your value in mind. Bundles start at $79.95, offering a blend of quality and affordability.

The best part? These extensions can be reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective choice for your long-term styling needs.

Additionally, when it's time to reinstall, the tabs for reinstallation are available starting at just $24.95.

This ensures you can maintain that gorgeous look for your clients without breaking the bank.


We highly recommend having a hair extension consultation process to keep your clients happy. Here's a concise overview of the consultation process for tape-in hair extensions:

  1. Lifestyle and Care: At the beginning of the consultation, discuss your client's lifestyle and how to maintain the extensions. Make sure they have a good understanding of the care involved.
  2. Color Matching: Next, choose the perfect shade to match your client's hair for a seamless blend.
  3. Length Selection: Decide on the ideal length to achieve your client's desired style.
  4. Bundle Assessment: Determine the number of bundles needed to create the full look. You'll need enough hair thickness to match or exceed their current volume at the ends.
  5. Agreement and Deposit: Finalize the plan with a hair extension agreement and a deposit to set the appointment and order necessary supplies.

This streamlined process ensures a tailored and successful hair extension experience for your clients.

During an installation appointment for tape-in hair extensions, the process includes:

  1. The Final Payment & Before Photos: Before the appointment begins, the balance is settled and the before images are taken.
  2. Hair Preparation: The client's hair should be pre-washed and dried. Clean hair ensures the tape tabs adhere firmly.
  3. Tab Installation: Starting from the nape and moving up to the crown, the tape tabs are strategically placed, sandwiching the natural hair for a smooth blend.
  4. Cutting and Blending: The extensions are then cut and blended to integrate seamlessly with the client's own hair.
  5. Final Styling: The hair is styled, often with waves or curls, to showcase the new look.
  6. After Photos: Take your after photos to capture the transformation and for future reference.
  7. Post-Appointment Follow-Up: Set a reminder to check in with your client after a few days to ensure they are comfortable and happy with their new extensions.
  8. Scheduling Future Appointments: Also, set a reminder for about 6 weeks out to schedule a removal, move-up, or new installation, as needed.

These basic steps ensure a comprehensive and professional extension experience.

As a stylist, you'll find that each client's hair growth rate is unique. When clients inquire about the frequency of extension maintenance, you can advise them that typically, adjustments are needed every 6 to 8 weeks.

This is because as their hair grows – usually about an inch during this period – the extensions will start moving away from the scalp, making them harder to style and conceal.

Therefore, to maintain a seamless and natural look, scheduling a move-up appointment around this time is generally the best practice.

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we recommend it for best results.

Our tape-in hair extensions can be cut to achieve the desired length and blended for the perfect style.

In addition, the tabs can also be cut to create more narrow wefts if you need to adjust for smaller sections.

As a stylist, you have the flexibility to tailor them to suit each client's individual look, ensuring a seamless and natural blend with their natural hair.

Yes, you can color these hair extensions, but with specific considerations. While we advise against attempting to lighten (lift) the extensions, depositing color is possible. Before proceeding with the full application, it's crucial to conduct a test on a small area of the extensions. This step ensures the color outcome aligns with your expectations.

Be aware that the tabs of the extensions might react differently to the dye. If you're darkening the roots, the tabs may not be stained. In such cases, using a permanent ink pen to add root color can be an effective solution to maintain a consistent and professional look throughout the extensions. This method helps in concealing any discrepancies in color, especially at the root area, ensuring a seamless blend with the natural hair.

How to remove tape-in hair extensions:

  1. Apply Extension Remover: Begin by applying a professional-grade extension remover along the tape bonds of the extensions. We recommend No-Trace. This specialized solution is formulated to safely dissolve the adhesive without damaging the client's natural hair.
  2. Allow Time for the Solution to Act: Let the remover sit for the recommended duration as per the product instructions. This usually only takes a few minutes and is crucial for effectively loosening the adhesive.
  3. Gently Separate the Tapes: Using a metal tail comb, carefully peel the taped sections apart with a gentle touch to avoid any stress on your client's hair.
  4. Slide Off the Extensions: You should be able to smoothly slide the extensions down and off the client's natural hair.
  5. Cleanse Any Residual Adhesive: After removing all the extensions, check for any adhesive residue in the client's hair. If you have used No-Trace remover, this will be minimal if any at all. Wash your client's hair thoroughly with a sulfate-free shampoo. If you will be reinstalling, condition the ends of the hair only avoiding the root area.
  6. Dry and Style: Gently dry and prepare the client's hair for reinstallation or as a finished look without extensions.

As a stylist, ensuring a comfortable and damage-free removal process not only protects their hair but also enhances their trust in your professional care.


Absolutely! Tape-in hair extensions can be washed and styled much like natural hair, which is great news for your clients.

However, as a professional stylist, it's important to recommend using professional-grade hair care products. These are specifically formulated to be gentle on both the natural hair and the extensions. We recommend shampoo and conditioner from Amika's Kure line.

Additionally, advise your clients to minimize heat styling whenever possible. This will help preserve the extensions' quality and longevity, guaranteeing that your clients' investment remains stunning over time.

For the optimal care of these hair extensions, we recommend the Amika Kure line (not a sponsor, we just love their products).

This brand has proven highly effective in maintaining the quality of remy human hair extensions.

Many common issues with extensions can be resolved by switching to this product line.

The Amika styling line includes Glass Action, a heat protectant, which is essential for shielding the hair from styling damage.

Utilizing these products not only preserves the hair’s condition but also ensures it remains suitable for multiple installations, safeguarding your client's investment.

Absolutely, your clients can sleep with their tape-in hair extensions.

Encourage your clients to always go to bed with dry hair and consider loosely braiding or tying it up to prevent any tangling or matting.

This simple nighttime routine can significantly contribute to maintaining the quality of their tape-in hair extensions, ensuring they look fantastic for longer.

Yes, your clients can swim with tape-in hair extensions, but it's important to take precautions to protect the hair.

Advise them to be mindful of potential discoloration from naturally mineralized bodies of water and self-tanners, and the drying effects of chlorine and salt water. Tanning lotions and oils should also be used cautiously as they can leave residues and build up that can cause matting.

A good practice is to apply a light conditioner on the extensions before swimming to add a protective layer and clip the lengths up so they stay out of the water. Wearing a swim cap is highly recommended to minimize exposure to these elements if the client intends to be fully submerged. This care will help in preserving the integrity of their tape in hair extensions.

Certainly! Your clients can engage in sports or workouts while wearing tape-in hair extensions.

However, it's wise to minimize the extensions' exposure to sweat and oils, as these can affect the hair's quality over time by creating accidental build up.

Advising clients to style their hair up and out of the way during physical activities is a good practice. After each workout or sports session, it's important to gently detangle the extensions. This routine care helps maintain the extensions' condition and prolongs their lifespan.