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Microbead FAQ

As a professional stylist, understanding the difference between silicone-lined and non-silicone-lined microbeads for hair extensions is important for selecting the right product for your clients.

Here's a breakdown:

Silicone-Lined Microbeads:

  1. Cushioning Effect: The silicone lining in these microbeads provides a cushion around the client's natural hair. This reduces stress and friction, offering a level of protection - think of it like a little hair pillow inside each bead. :)
  2. Grip and Stability: The silicone inside the bead helps to give cushioned grip, which can be particularly beneficial for clients with fine hair textures.
  3. Reduced Slippage: The risk of the extensions slipping in fine hair is minimized, thanks to the extra bead fullness provided by the silicone.

Non-Silicone Lined Microbeads:

  1. Firm Hold: These beads offer a very firm hold as they clamp directly onto the hair without any filler. This can be beneficial for average to coarse hair types where the bulk of the silicone could be in the way.
  2. Less Bulky: Non-silicone beads are typically less bulky and can appear more discreet than silicone-lined beads. Average thickness to thicker hair benefit most from non-lined beads.
  3. Suitability for Coarser Hair: For clients with coarser or more textured hair, non-silicone beads can provide a more secure attachment.

When choosing between silicone and non-silicone lined microbeads, consider your client's hair type, texture, and overall condition.

Silicone-lined beads are generally recommended for finer, more delicate hair to prevent damage and aid in grip, while non-silicone beads are better suited for normal to thick/coarse hair where a more discreet size is preferred.

Always ensure that whichever type you use, the application and removal process is done with care to maintain the integrity of your client's natural hair.

The different sizes of hair extension beads cater to a range of hair types and extension methods. The right size ensures a customized, secure, and comfortable fit for your clients.

Here's a breakdown of the sizes and their ideal applications:

2mm Microbeads:

  • Ideal for: Fine or thin hair.
  • Advantages: These beads are less visible and bulky, making them a great choice for clients with finer hair where discretion is key.
  • Application: Best used with 2mm I-Tip hair extensions or hand tied wefted hair extensions.

3mm Microbeads:

  • Ideal for: Medium to coarse texture hair.
  • Advantages: They provide a balance between hold and discretion, suitable for most hair types.
  • Application: These are the most commonly used beads, as they work well with a variety of hair extensions and densities. They are used with 3mm I-tip extensions and all types of wefted extensions.

Specialty Sizes:

  • Examples: Extra-small nano beads or extra-large 5.5mm microbeads.
  • Use: These are used for very specific hair types or extension methods.

    For instance, nano beads are used for extremely fine or delicate hair with specialty flex-tip hair extensions. 5.5mm extra-large beads are needed for very thick, dense hair or for certain types of bulkier extensions such as adding hair into horse manes and tails or chunky highlights with synthetic monofibers.

Our hair extension microbeads are crafted from a high-quality, nickel-free aluminum alloy. This material choice ensures that the beads are lightweight, strong, and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for clients with sensitive skin. Additionally, the aluminum alloy provides a durable base that resists corrosion and wear.

To further enhance their functionality and appearance, these microbeads are coated with a chip resistant high-density colored enamel. This enameled coating not only adds a layer of protection against environmental factors but also enables the beads to blend seamlessly with various hair colors. The color-matching aspect of the enamel coating is particularly beneficial for creating a natural and cohesive look in hair extension applications.

Overall, this combination ensures that our microbeads are both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Linkies microbeads are the gold standard for professional stylists worldwide.

Metal detectors: The microbeads used for hair extensions, made from a nickel-free aluminum alloy, are generally considered safe and unlikely to set off standard metal detectors. This is due to their small size and the type of metal used. Metal detectors at airports and security checkpoints are typically calibrated to detect larger quantities of metal. Therefore, these microbeads, being quite small and used in minimal amounts in hair extensions, should not cause any issues.

MRI: However, when it comes to MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines, the situation is a bit different. While aluminum is not magnetic and should not react to the MRI's magnetic field, the presence of any metal in or on the body is generally a concern in an MRI environment. This is due to the powerful magnetic fields and radio waves used during the scan. While it is unlikely to pose an issue, we strongly suggest switching to tape in hair extensions when an MRI is required.

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Why Choose Us For Microbeads

Salon-Quality Standards: With a research and development background spanning over two decades in hair extension technology, we apply meticulous attention to detail in creating our microbead collections, ensuring they meet the highest salon standards.

Tailored for Every Client: Our microbead range is diverse in color and size options, allowing for seamless integration with various hair types and styles. This adaptability is essential for stylists dedicated to offering custom crafted services to each client.

Unrivaled Customer Support: Our commitment to excellence extends to customer service, providing stylists with a reliable, supportive partner throughout their hair extension journey, ensuring they feel supported and appreciated at every stage of their career.

Transformative Impact: Our microbeads, crucial in the hair extension process, are more than just installation tools; they are integral to creating transformative experiences for clients. They empower stylists to revolutionize appearances, impacting clients' lives positively.

Microbead Color Options: Chip-resistant high density enamels available in a wide range of natural tones create a flawless final styles that last.

Size Variations: Available in multiple sizes to accommodate different hair types and extension methods, ensuring a precise and secure fit for every client need.

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