3mm Non Silicone Installation Tools

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Installation Tools perfectly sized for our 3mm Non Silicone micro beads. This amazing range is tailored specifically for hair extension enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Our collection features 3mm beads - a vital component for hair extension installation. Crafted with utmost precision, these beads are designed to ensure easy and secure attachment of hair extensions. Their 3mm size is ideal for a seamless blend with your natural strands, offering a flawlessly natural look.

With these top-quality installation tools, installing hair extensions becomes a breeze. This collection provides you with everything you need for an efficient and hassle-free installation process.

We're committed to providing you with premium quality products. Our 3mm beads are no exception. Come, explore this collection and experience the ease and sophistication they bring to the hair extension installation process.

We're confident you will love the superior quality and outstanding performance of our 3mm Non Silicone Installation Tools.

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Black and red handle metal linkie microbead opener in white mannequin hand