2mm Non Silicone Installation Latch Hooks, Loops & Threaders

Welcome to our stunning collection of 2mm Non Silicone bead tools, specifically designed to thread hair extension micro beads. This collection includes highly durable and reliable latch hooks, loops, and bead threaders that are perfect for professionals.

Our latch hooks are designed to make the process of hair extension installation smoother and quicker. The high-quality metal makes the hooks sturdy and long-lasting.

The loops in our collection are crafted to handle the delicate process of pulling hair through micro beads without causing any damage. They offer a comfortable grip and ease of use that is unparalleled.

Our bead threaders are the perfect tool to feed the hair through the micro bead. They are versatile and can fit comfortably through our 2mm unlined hair extension micro beads. Made with high-quality material, they ensure precision and longevity.

Each tool in this collection is an essential addition to your hair extension toolkit. They not only make the installation process easier but also help to ensure a flawless finish. Experience the difference with our 2mm Non Silicone Installation Latch Hooks, Loops & Threaders collection today!

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