Nano Loops & Threaders

Explore our exceptional range of Nano Loops & Threaders, must-have tools for every hair extension specialist. These bead threaders are designed with utmost precision and care to seamlessly cater to the Nano bead hair extension installation process. Specifically, they are the perfect match for installing flex-tip hair extensions.

Our Nano Loops & Threaders are created with a focus on durability, functionality, and ease of use. They are designed to grip and thread the nano rings onto the hair before securing the nano tip hair extensions. They will help you effortlessly pull your client's hair through the nano ring, ensuring a secure and invisible bond.

Our collection promises to make your work easier and more efficient. With our Nano Loops & Threaders, you can ensure a smooth, fast and safe hair extension installation process that leaves your hair looking natural and beautiful.

Enjoy a hassle-free hair extension installation experience with our Nano Loops & Threaders. Check out our collection today!

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