3mm I Tip Extensions & Matching Accessories

Welcome to our exclusive collection of 3mm I Tip Extensions and their matching accessories. Our range features top-quality prebond hair extensions that are designed for safe and secure fitting. The 3mm size provides a natural look, seamlessly blending with your own hair to add instant length, volume or color accents.

But our collection doesn't stop with I tip extensions. We also provide matching beads and essential installation supplies. Our high-grade beads, specially designed for 3mm I Tip extensions, ensure secure attachment while blending invisibly with the extensions. They are gentle on hair, providing a firm grip without causing any damage.

Our installation supplies are the professionals' choice for applying I Tip extensions.

Explore our collection today and discover top-quality 3mm I Tip extensions and matching accessories that will transform your look and make you feel fabulous!

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Black and red handle metal linkie microbead opener in white mannequin hand