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3mm Non Silicone Recommended Hair Collection

Doctored Locks 3mm Hair Extension Microbeads

Exquisitely crafted 3mm microbeads for superior hair extension integration.

For the Stylist Who Values Precision and Excellence

Hello, Pioneering Artist! We understand that you are more than a stylist – you're a visionary, a confidence enhancer, a trailblazer. Your commitment is to crafting not just beautiful looks but also bolstering inner confidence and self-esteem. This commitment is the driving force behind our Doctored Locks 3mm Hair Extension Microbeads, developed specifically for your advanced skill and creative vision.

Exceptional Quality That Aligns with Your High Expectations

Our microbeads represent more than just functional accessories; they are the cornerstone of perfect hair extension installations. Crafted with acute precision, these 3mm beads are designed to securely fasten hair while ensuring no damage. You'll value their robust construction and how they enable effortless, enduring applications.

Balanced Hold, Exceptional Outcomes

Each microbead is designed to provide a harmonious balance between a firm hold and the safety of natural hair. Their uniform size and shape guarantee consistent application, allowing you to deliver flawless results with every installation.

Advanced Performance Enamel Coatings

Our microbeads come with a state-of-the-art enamel coating, symbolizing the ultimate in durability, designed to endure the challenges of daily styling, environmental elements, and the active lifestyles of your clients.

Innovative Engineering for Smooth Application

Our 3mm microbeads are crafted for straightforward application, creating an efficient and seamless process. Their design ensures a comfortable fit around the hair, instilling confidence in your clients that their extensions will remain secure and discreet during daily activities.

Facilitate Transformations, Ignite Happiness

Your talent enables you not only to transform hair but also to impact lives profoundly. With each careful application of the beads, your clients will experience a newfound sense of confidence, radiating a lively and assured aura. This transformation extends beyond the salon, fostering joy and self-assurance in all facets of their lives.

Stylist Essentials & Hair Care

Why Choose Us

Superior Craftsmanship: Each of our 3mm microbeads is a testament to precise craftsmanship. We are committed to providing beads that deliver not only a strong and reliable hold but also prioritize the safety and integrity of the natural hair.

Versatile Use: Our 3mm microbeads are designed to be highly adaptable, suitable for a wide range of hair types and styles. This versatility is crucial for stylists aiming to offer personalized hairstyles for their clients.

Color Options for Seamless Integration: We offer our 3mm microbeads in a variety of colors to flawlessly blend with different hair shades. Available colors include black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, among others, ensuring a perfect match for every client's hair.

Adaptable Sizing: The 3mm size of our microbeads makes them exceptionally suitable for various hair densities and types. They provide a secure fit that is comfortable for both fine and thick hair textures.

Unwavering Quality: Expect uniformity in size and shape with every pack of our 3mm microbeads, ensuring a consistent and smooth application process for hair extension installations.