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Doctored Locks 5.5mm Hair Extension Microbeads

Expertly engineered 5.5mm microbeads for unparalleled hair extension mastery.

For the Stylist Who Demands Excellence and Precision

Hello, Master Stylist! We recognize that you're more than just a hair professional; you're a visionary, a builder of confidence, a leader in style. Your dedication to not only enhancing outer beauty but also fortifying inner strength is what makes you exceptional. It's with your level of expertise and creative flair in mind that we've developed our Doctored Locks 5.5mm Hair Extension Microbeads.

Outstanding Quality for Your Elevated Standards

Our microbeads are not just mere accessories; they are essential elements of flawless hair extension applications. Meticulously designed, these 5.5mm beads ensure a secure hold on hair without causing any damage. Their robust build and design cater to long-lasting, smooth applications that you, as a professional, require.

Secure Grip, Outstanding Results

Each bead is crafted to provide an optimal balance between a secure attachment and the protection of the natural hair. The uniformity in size and shape of our beads guarantees a consistent, even application, enabling you to achieve stellar results every time.

Advanced Enamel Coating for Peak Performance

Encased in a cutting-edge enamel coating, our microbeads embody the pinnacle of durability. This coating is formulated to withstand the various demands of daily styling, environmental stressors, and your clients' active lifestyles.

Ergonomic Design for Seamless Application

Designed with the professional in mind, our 5.5mm microbeads are incredibly user-friendly, ensuring an efficient and effective application process. Their structure guarantees a snug and comfortable fit around the hair, offering your clients peace of mind that their extensions are secure and unobtrusive.

Empower Transformations, Radiate Confidence

Your ability extends beyond transforming hair; you have the power to positively influence lives. With every meticulous application of our microbeads, your clients will see a new, empowered reflection, one that inspires confidence and joy. This transformative effect goes well beyond the salon, enriching every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

Stylist Essentials & Hair Care

Why Choose Us

Masterful Craftsmanship: Each of our 5.5mm microbeads is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. We focus on creating beads that not only offer a robust, secure hold but also prioritize the protection and health of the natural hair.

Adaptability for Diverse Styles: Our 5.5mm microbeads are engineered to be highly adaptable, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of hair types and styles. This adaptability is vital for stylists who aim to deliver customized, unique hair solutions for their clients.

Color Options for Perfect Matching: Our 5.5mm microbeads are available in a range of colors to seamlessly blend with various hair shades. The selection includes black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, and more, ensuring an ideal match for every client's hair color.

Sizing for Versatile Hair Types: The 5.5mm size of our microbeads makes them especially effective for different hair densities and textures, offering a comfortable yet secure fit for most hair types.

Consistent Quality in Every Pack: With our 5.5mm microbeads, you can expect consistent size and shape throughout every pack, providing uniformity and ease in your hair extension installation process.