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3mm Silicone Recommended Hair Collection

Doctored Locks 3mm Silicone-Lined Microbeads

Precision-engineered microbeads for exceptional hair extension applications.

For the Stylist Who Champions Precision and Comfort

Hello, Artistic Innovator! As a stylist, you're not just transforming hair; you're sculpting self-esteem, setting beauty trends, and facilitating transformative experiences.

Your commitment to not just enhancing external beauty but also bolstering internal confidence is commendable. Our Doctored Locks 3mm Silicone-Lined Hair Extension Microbeads are crafted to align with your pioneering spirit in hair artistry.

Exceptional Quality Tailored to Your Expert Skills

Our 3mm silicone-lined microbeads are vital for precise, durable hair extension installations. Crafted with exceptional care, these beads provide a strong, yet gentle grip on hair. Their sturdy build is tailored for extended wear, perfectly aligning with your high professional standards.

Optimized Grip, Superior Results

Each bead is meticulously designed to ensure a harmonious balance between a robust hold and the delicate treatment of natural hair. The internal silicone lining adds an extra layer of protection, improving grip while maintaining comfort for the client, thus ensuring that each application is as secure as it is gentle.

Enhanced Silicone Lining for Optimal Performance

Our microbeads' high-quality silicone lining is a testament to our commitment to advanced technology and superior product standards. This lining serves as a cushioning layer, safeguarding the hair and enhancing the bead's grip, giving your clients confidence in their extensions across various hair types and lifestyles.

Innovative Enhanced Enamel Coating

The microbeads also boast an innovative enhanced enamel coating. This specialized coating significantly increases the durability and strength of each bead, making them capable of withstanding daily styling, environmental challenges, and active lifestyles. The coating ensures the beads maintain their form and aesthetic appeal, contributing to the longevity and excellence of your hair extension work.

Precision Design for Ease and Comfort

These 3mm silicone-lined microbeads are expertly engineered for accuracy and ease of use. Their ergonomic design facilitates a streamlined, efficient application process, guaranteeing a snug, inconspicuous fit, and providing a seamless experience for your clients.

Empowering Transformations That Resonate

Your role extends beyond hair styling; you have the ability to inspire and elevate. Each bead application you undertake is a step towards enhancing your clients' self-assurance and image. These changes extend far beyond the salon, positively influencing their lives in profound ways.

Stylist Essentials & Hair Care

Why Choose Us

Expert Craftsmanship: Our 3mm silicone lined microbeads exemplify our commitment to expert craftsmanship. Meticulously designed, these beads ensure a robust and durable hold while the silicone lining offers additional protection to the natural hair, blending strength with gentleness.

Adaptable for Various Hair Creations: The versatility of our 3mm silicone lined microbeads is unmatched. They are engineered to work harmoniously with a diverse range of hair types and styling choices, perfect for stylists who aim to provide hair solutions to their clients.

Coordinated Color Range: To ensure a flawless integration with natural hair, our 3mm silicone lined microbeads come in a spectrum of colors including black, dark brown, light brown, and blonde. This range guarantees a seamless match for a wide array of client hair colors.

Ideal Sizing for Multiple Hair Types: The 3mm size of our silicone lined microbeads is specifically chosen to cater to different hair densities and textures, providing a secure, snug fit that is both comfortable and subtle for all hair types.

Consistent Excellence in Every Pack: With our 3mm silicone lined microbeads, consistency is a given. Each pack maintains a uniform size and shape, ensuring ease and uniformity in your hair extension applications.